2015 Boston Marathon

The 2015 Boston Marathon was the coldest, wettest, head-windiest marathon I have every run – but relative to the brutal training conditions this winter, it was a balmy spring day! At least that is what I told my legs as I toed the starting line.

The first-half of the race is an easy, entertaining jog through the suburbs. Already boozed up Bostonians line the course, ACDC blares from occasional speakers and the planet’s densest population of running groupies press up against a quarter mile of barrier at Wellesely College. Once past the deafening screams and “kiss me! I love runners!” signs, the hard work begins.

This year the “work” was especially challenging thanks to a strong headwind and pelting rain. I did my best to keep rain from accumulating on my prescription sunglasses by running with an awkward chin tuck and I tried to avoid the headwind by drafting behind some very generous runners.

A few years ago I heard the legendary Joan Benoit say that she “doesn’t start racing until mile 18” and I have never forgotten her words. So with about 8 miles to go I focused on negative splitting the remainder of the course.

Nevertheless, along the way, I did stop twice to hug my family – yes twice – as they had separated in the crowds and were at two different points on the course. This required two, time consuming stops – including a nerve-wracking moment while my mom and her frozen hands fumbled with the camera. If that was the difference (it wasn’t) for a sub-three hour marathon I really don’t care. I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything!

boston marathon

I ended up negative splitting the race and set a new PR of 3:01:24.

As for nutrition, I had a coffee, banana, yogurt, cinnamon and raw egg smoothie for breakfast, a hammer bar about an hour before the start, a Hammer gel every 45 minutes during the race, and Anti-Fatigue Caps and an Endurolyte capsule every hour. I also wore a pair of Hoka Huakas in a marathon for the first time and loved their lightweight and cushioning.

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