Racing The Planet, Antarctica, 250KM.

Dear Antarctica, 
Thank you for hosting myself (race photographer) and a slew of runners and crew for the 250km stage race put on by Racing The Planet this November. Even though your future is in peril thanks to warming temperatures and greedy nations, who would like to drill to your core and extract your fossil fuel and mineral deposits, you welcomed us and stayed true to your icy form. You treated us to your strongest winds and roughest seas, epic vistas, friendliest wildlife, and even some sun, in order to gaze upon your awesome shelf – as in ice-shelf.

Racers start in single file in order to break through the snow. ©Zandy Mangold

I’m at a loss when describing you to my friends to the north, except to say that you are utterly predictable in your unpredictability. Remember that day when you lulled us into a sense of well being with your sun and spring skiing conditions, but then whipped up a nasty storm, and then – perhaps feeling guilty – you painted the skies with clouds and colors we didn’t even know existed? By the way, thanks for requiring me to use every single one of my extreme weather garments, as it justified the pricey investments.
Oh, also thanks again for the penguins. The penguins always made everything ok. 
Until next time. 
Stay cool,

Genteel Penguins head to the sea to feed. ©Zandy Mangold


Animals do not fear humans thanks to conscious environmental policy.

Animals do not fear humans thanks to conscious environmental policy. ©Zandy Mangold


Weather changes fast and unpredictably.

Storm closes in. Weather changes fast and unpredictably. ©Zandy Mangold


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